System Not Running

Our system says it’s watering, but when we check the emitters nothing is coming out. We also noticed that one of our zones mysteriously disappeared from the watering schedule with no trace of why. Another zone just stopped watering a month ago with no notification, we only noticed after coming back from vacation to find very sad plants in our containers.

The system was installed a year ago and for the most part had been working fine until recently.

Any suggestions?

Hey Lisa!
Definitely sounds like something strange is going on… Are none of your zones watering or just one? If so, do you mind letting me know which one? When you say disappeared from your schedule, was it just not being watered or was it not showing in your schedule at all? If you could also let me know what zone that was that would be great. Sorry to hear your plants suffered, that’s never good! Hopefully we can get it figured out.
McKynzee :rachio:

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None of the zones are watering, even though they say they are. Also, the Garden zone says it’s enabled however it is not showing up on the watering schedule. The tree zone is showing up on the watering schedule even though we have it disabled.

That’s strange. I would email with pictures of your wiring and they should be able to get you sorted out.

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