Suspend watering based on forecast

It would be great to see a setting where if the forecasted rain was say over a 50% chance 1,2 or 3 days out that you could skip a watering day and just wait on the rain. If it didn’t end up raining or not enough rainfall occurred then just water to make up the difference.


I think it already does this. For example, a week ago, it had rained 0.23 inches, and I had my tolerance set up for 1/4 inch. However the National Weather station that I have my Rachio looking at was predicting .4 inches of rain that day, so my Rachio skipped watering because the rain we had received + the forecasted rain that day exceeded the threshold.

@aktiveradio and @cfagyal, good morning. Thanks for reaching out and sharing your ideas on ways to make the Iro better.

@aktiveradio, this is the logic built into our new FLEX schedules, coming with our v2.0 release. FLEX schedules will only water as needed (using user imposed restrictions). Each zone will have it’s own “bank account” that will increase with “deposits” (watering events, rainfall, etc) and decrease with “withdrawals” (evaporation, wind, etc). A minimum and maximum budget for each zone will be set and the water level will automatically be kept within this budget given watering rules you set. Think of it as automated watering times with real time, seasonal adjustments on a daily basis.

@cfagyal, yep, we do this currently with our Weather Intelligence (WI) feature – for more information, please see our Weather Intelligence support article.

Hope this helps. Keep the awesome ideas coming :smile:

Best, Emil