Support for virtual zones

After installing Rachio, my interest for backyard projects had gone up. One of the projects we are doing now is adding a new zone for vegetable garden. While weighing different options for adding a new zone, I came across couple of options for electrical wiring needed to turn valve of new zone on or off.
One option is to dig a trench from new valve to controller. This is almost 120ft long trench 4-6 in deep. It is pretty labor intensive and has a good chance of breaking existing wiring or pipes along the way.
Other option is use something like Add-a-Zone (costs around $150) that makes splitting of existing zone into two possible without having to dig long trenches.
It will be great if Rachio can come up with a device like it and let user split a zone (use same wire that is leaving the controller to control multiple zones) into two or three zones. That way you don’t have those dangling thingies on controller side. You can sell a Rachio peripheral that one can wire near existing valve. I bet lot of people will buy it when making changes to existing irrigation layout.