Support, bugs, and expectations

On day 1 I set up my zones. Rachio said I used a full cycle of water. Not true. I made the suggestion that you let customers edit or reset water usage. No reply.

Next, I made a product suggestion that you allow both my wife and me to be alerted, not limited to one email. How about 2 emails separated by a semicolon. No answer.

Today, my Rachio ran for 91 minutes at 5am and then ran again for 52 minutes immediately after, at 6:31am. Why is this? How do I stop this?

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I apologize that we haven’t gotten back to you. I will certainly look into why this is and will address you now :slight_smile: As for the manual resetting of your water usage, this is something we have been working on, and hopefully we will be able to integrate in the future. We can do this for you currently, if need be. So keep an eye out.

We’ve been reviewing some customer feedback revolving around notifications and better ways to alert when things change. One of which is a more personalized slew of options to allow more flexibility. So again, keep your eyes peeled and follow online here for any updates in future build!

We can look more into why your controller is running a bit goofy on you as well. If you wouldn’t mind, send us an email to our support team at and we will be able to look into your account and see your history. Where there’s a problem, theres always a solution and we’d be happy to find it with you John :slight_smile:

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