Supplier BabuElec via Amazon - js this a legitimate source


I have just bought 2 generation 2 controllers through Amazon US. The 8 channel was supplied by Amazon. The 16 channel was from a supplier BabuElec. I only noticed this now. Is BabuElec a legitimate reseller?


Hey @FosseVet! Unfortunately, BabuElec is not an authorized reseller. We are the only authorized reseller on Amazon.



Hi Laura, The 8 channel was supplied via you. Should I complain to Amazon. Are you aware of counterfeit devices out there.


Also is there any any way I can check if the supplied controller is a fake?


The 8 zone, if purchased via Rachio on Amazon, is authorized. The 16 is not. It most likely isn’t a fake, but instead someone purchasing our controllers and reselling them. Our team is aware of authorized resellers and we’re working to put more content on the Rachio Amazon Store that makes it more apparent that we are the only authorized reseller on the site. We also work to get controllers back from those unauthorized resellers so people don’t run into this too often.


My son is in the USA until Friday. What is your delivery time. I tried to order a replacement 16 channel 2 gen controller but it too was from a third party. What is your delivery time if I order directly from you. I need it delivered to my sons hotel in SF before Friday.


I tried to place an order form what seemed to be the Rachio Amazon interface but again got a response that the device was supplied by Y&C Promotions.


Appreciate your help I was hoping to get the 2 controllers back while my son is in the USA. I live in Norway and need them before spring.


You should be able to order a 16 zone from us via Amazon - if you have Prime, that will be 2 days shipping. Here’s the link, just make sure to select 16-zone :slight_smile:


The link takes me toi a Gen 3. I unfortunately can’t use a Gen 3 in Europe. I need a link to a Gen 2 16 channel.

Can you send me a link to a Gen 2 16 channel.


Sorry to chase you but could you let me have a link to a gen 2 16 channel


Whoops! Sorry about that, @FosseVet. Here’s a link for the Gen 2 16 zone.


Thx for really great help. Managed to return the unauthorised reseller device and exchanged with an Amazon Services device. One final question. I will be using these in Europe. Have sources a 220V to 110V AC converter. Have two models 40W and 70W output. Have looked at tech spec for the Gen 2 but can find any spec that says what the convertor should deliver. Any advise greatly appreciated. Would really help if you were to make a universal power supply.


@Fossevet - Rachio power supply puts out 24 VAC and 1000 milliamps, so 24 W.


So the 40W output converter is more than enough.I may have read something wrong but does the Rachio power supply output 24V DC or AC. I could also simply buy a universal EU 24V power supply. These have a selection of tips. The DC supplies allow choice of +ve/-ve centre lead switching. I am heading for the 220 to 110 converter but am not sure how smooth/stable the output is. Also these small converters can get quite warm and may be noisy.