Summary Reporting

I vote for that. I would like to see past 2 weeks on calendar as well that shows whether it was on for those days (and for how long). Good way to feed back and start comparing year by year.

When reporting capabilities become available I would prefer to access them via the website rather than on my mobile device. See the model as an example.


This will definitely be in the native apps as @JT0300 has requested. I agree with @raskev that they would be great to have in the web app. We’re doing everything we can to get the webapp up and running in the next month or so.

This particular shortfall by Rachio falls on my shoulders because I was the one originally building the web version and put the content on our website that it would be completed by now. My role has shifted quite a bit over the last few months and unfortunately I have not been able to contribute much to that project since.

We are currently hiring out for the development work to finish it up. We hope to have it released in the July timeframe. I apologize for the inconvenience it has caused.

as long as it’s on the way! and thanks for responding chris.

That would be awesome if a numerical report was possible. It would be even cooler if you guys can figure out what type of spray and how many minutes it run and equate that in terms of gallons. Even a ballpark number of gallons will work. If I can see the numbers than it would definitely help me decide to water more or less. It’s kind of like counting calories for us over weight peeps.