Suggestions to make Rachio unique

Hi there,
In general I’m quite happy with the Rachio 3 system. Nevertheless I definitely need a few improvements to make it run the way the garden really needs it.

  1. pre installed quick run time for the panel is not enough. There has to be an option to chose the running time yourself when activating a pipe manually at the control panel. 3mins running time doesn’t make any sense and forces you to use your cell phone any time you need to water your plants besides the schedule.

  2. Our garden pump is strong enough to feed several pipes/zones/sprinklers at the same time, but there is no option to run more than one zone at the same time. I really need an update on that not to ruin the pump.

  3. Zone setup only includes drip lines, sprinklers etc. Why not adding a water hose as an option?
    We’re using one line for our hoses to water by hand.

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