Suggestion: Well pump running time saved


Our home’s water is supplied by a well on the property. Rather than trying to calculate how much water I’ve saved, I’d rather know how many hours of well pump run time I’ve saved. With no water restrictions and a good supply (knock on wood) the water saved part doesn’t mean much to me. :slight_smile: However… knowing that my well pump didn’t have to run X hours due to intelligence determining a schedule does not need to be run is feel-good factor.

Though… I’d rather the well pump delay be introduced before this. Hint hint. :wink:


@scorp508 It would be cool to be able to toggle between time and gallons! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

How do you currenlty handle the delay for your pump?


Right now I sit around and drink beers waiting to see if v3 introduces a well pump delay. Our Hunter Pro-C the Rachio replaced allowed setting a well pump delay between zones; ours was set to 1 minute.


Wow, i just realized Rachio does not have a pump delay. That is a must if you have a well. At least I cannot find a pump delay setting. I would think this would be an easy software fix for Rachio. Very important because not everyone is on city water.


All the major irrigation manufacturers have a pump delay setting.