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I know there is a V3 in beta right now, but as a brand new user, I have one suggestion I’d like to see incorporated into a future update. I would like to see the ability to group zones so that you can identify them by a name, such as ‘front yard’, and then be able to kick off a watering cycle with the Amazon Echo/Dot by simply saying something like 'Water front yard for 30 minutes". It could divide the total time by the number of zones you’ve added to the group or it could read it as 30 minutes per zone…or possibly even specify it for either by adding ‘total’ or ‘per zone’ to the Alexa command.

This would also be useful if you have multiple gardens or landscape areas with plants that you water regularly, you can set up the garden zones and then have Alexa water only those zones by command.

I know you can do workarounds by creating multiple schedules and running them manually with the app, but this would be a nice feature to be able to water different specific areas in succession by just using one Alexa command.

So far I’m very impressed with my Rachio, but I’m already spoiled and asking for more. :wink:


@dkershey, that’s a great idea! I know we’ve kicked around this concept in the past.

Thanks for your support! Feel free to leave a review at one of our retailers to help spread the word :wink:


Great idea !!- this was one of the first things I tried to do with my Amazon Alexa integration and was not able to do that… Alexa - Water the Front Yard for 30 minutes

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I’m new to Richio and setup a Flex schedule… The thing that I don’t like is how it splits up my days for watering the lawn… I have 6 zones for the front yard and 4 zones for the backyard. The are all the same type of nozzles and lawn type… What I end up is having 3-4 days of watering all the zones and dealing with different parts of the lawn wet/dry…

I could do more of a set schedule but this where the power of having the RIchio lives with Flex…
Plus it would be nice to know the you can manually just say water front Lawn…

Hey @macdevin-

Are any of the zone settings different? If not your zones should run generally on the same day.

McKynzee :rachio:

McKynzee, I think Macdevin is talking about the same thing. He has all his zones on one schedule, but some zones need watering more than others, so he has to do those manually in between regular waterings (think garden zones or a section with full exposure all day). There is no easy way to water these area on an ‘as needed’ basis unless you water them one by one or set up multiple schedules with different zones on each schedule, which gets confusing. It goes back to having the ability to set up a grouping of zones (front and back gardens for example) into one zone so we could just say, ‘Water gardens’ or kick of a manual watering of that one grouping so it will water both gardens without having to launch each separately.