Stuck on red following power outage

Just curious. Are any of the other 40 devices on the same outlet/electrical circuit as the Rachio? Still seems odd to me as I’ve had more power outages than I can count, and no problems with the Rachio.

Have you called support to see if it’s perhaps a bad unit?

I have two Rachio 3 units on separate buildings, with separate electrical meters and separate wifi networks. They are a few months old. Both experienced a power outage and both now seem to be dead. Nothing seems to get them connected again. Just blinking red light. I’m still waiting to hear from tech support. I’m really disappointed.

Update: just received an email from tech support suggesting an the steps I’ve already taken. If these things can’t handle a power outage then I don’t want them. I’m not taking a chance with this happening outside warranty period. I’ll find a more reliable product. I have dozens of electrical devices (smart and otherwise) plugged in at my house. The Rachio controllers are the only things that failed. This is a deal breaker.

My Gen1’s have been installed for 5 years and endured a number of power outages without issue. If the power outage also came along with a surge, there isn’t much the Rachio unit can do to protect itself.

There was no surge. It wasn’t during a storm. It was a brief power interruption. Both units on separate buildings are bricked. This has happened to enough other people that it’s caused me to lose confidence in the product.

Storm or no storm, a surge can still be present. Heck, a surge can hit the system with no power interruption. I’m not saying that is your issue, but my 2 Rachio’s have endured multiple power outages over the last 5 years without issue, so the power outage itself is likely not the issue…

Like I said, I have dozens of other electronics plugged in directly to the wiring in both of these buildings and they all turned back on and reconnected with no problem. They have done so through many outages of various reasons. To have, not one, but two units brick after a power outage (and no problems with other devices) is cause for concern in my opinion – especially when there are several others who are reporting similar issues.