Stuck on red following power outage

My new unit it stuck on red in Zone 1. We had a power outage last night.

While I wait to hear back from support, I have tried the following:

Unplug for 30 seconds. No change.

Hold down stop button on directional pad to reset. No change.

Is there anything else I can try while I wait to hear back from support? I see same issue elsewhere in this online community. Is this going to happen every time there’s a power outage? If so, maybe I need a more stable product and not a replacement. Why does this happen?

@laura.bauman @franz

Is this a common issue with the product? Will this reoccur with any power outage? I see a lot of activity in the forum with people having issues following outages. Is the Rachio stable? Do I just need a new one or to look somewhere else?

Hope to hear back from support soon.

Question? When you unplug it… then plug it back in it shows a red light?

Yes red and nothing else. I was able to get someone on the phone and they’re sending a new one. I just don’t want this to happen again. Is there anything I should do to prevent?

Do you have a surge protector? That typically can be used to help protect all electronic products.


Franz - this is not a surge issue in most cases. I trust you know that. Power outages can brick the device rending it useless and requires your customer to get a new one from you. I would hope you all could fix this problem by other means. I have been through 3 controllers due to this. Any drop in power has the chance of breaking your product. I love it when its working, so hopefully this is an engineering flaw you all can fix. You can review several threads on the community here of people who have the problem. I can’t imagine it is good for your business to have to replace an entire device each time the power drops and breaks it?

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@franz @laura.bauman This is the only device that stopped working. I’m going to run the new one through a surge protector. Are you saying that will eliminate this vulnerability?

I agree with the poster above, several customers having this issue. Seems like a flaw in the product which is sad because I like. However, having to replace every time the power drops is a dealbreaker.


Something funky is going on with your electricity, and hopefully the surge protector will work. Also, are you sure you are on a GFCI outlet?

My electricity goes out pretty frequently. My unit is not on a surge protector, but it is on a GFCI outlet. I have yet to have a problem after a power outage (My experience is with both the Gen 1 and the Gen 3 and I have been using Rachio for 4 and a half years now).

@Linn - there are over 40 various devices connected to our WIFI network that all go out when the power drops. The Rachio is the only one that bricks itself and never recovers. What is worse, it is not something it can even recover from with a factory reset. Instead, you have to return it and get a new one. Not a good design. I have wasted so much time with this I just invested in a new surge protector that also includes a 9min UPS battery in it. Hopefully keeping the thing powered for a bit through those short outage blips will fix this.

@franz @laura.bauman Is there a flaw in the product that makes it vulnerable when power is lost?

Just plugged mine into a surge protector after reading this during a thunderstorm! Ive had several power failures since putting in the Rachio 3 and nothing happened however I do have a heavy duty Seimens whole house surge protector wired into my breaker box. Maybe that saved it so far but the extra layer of protection is worth it to me. Hope that helps

Hey @AshleyLangford! Can you send me your ticket number so I can get in touch with our support team on your behalf and get you a response to your ticket?

My experience is… not every time. But sometimes here, the power will drop for a second, then come on, or sometimes cycle when it is coming back on (not sure what XCel is doing). Over the last year, that has broken 3 Rachio controllers at our house.

@kariporter You’ve been through 3 following a power drop?!

@laura.bauman I have a replacement on the way. I’ve emailed support couple times asking for a tracking number. I’m without a controller and leaving town on the 15th. I’m in Texas and it’s hot but I can’t water my property until the new one gets here. I’ll have to install the old Hunter I guess.

I asked about this happening in the future because I see experiences like @kariporter.

I also lost my Gen3 controller following a power outage and hve tried all the recommended steps to reboot for wiFi connectivity. Support now says do a factory reset but I see where some members of this community indicate that won’t fix the problem. I’m willing to try but at least the unit says it will continue to water per the last schedule used, so I’m reluctant to do the factory reset and lose that…
Responces from Support are very slow, 2+ days is not acceptible .
Does someone have a number I can call, I can’t find it anywhere online or in support? Thanks!

Hi Ashley can you share the Support number you found to contact Rachio please? Thanks

Here you go

1(844) 472-2446

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I called Rachio support, got a quick response. They ran me through a factory reset, while on the phone,which failed to solve the problem,and then decided they needed to send me a replacement unit. For what it’s worth,The support advisor says power outages should not affect operation/rebooting of the units.