Struggling to get going

New owner here… Wired Rachio per the instructions, and unfortunately it is not working. I am hooked up to my home internet. I have attempted several times to test my zones. I’m getting the Blue Status light engaging in the directions I’m sending it however the zones are not watering…

@Aj-n-Roz Until someone more knowledgeable chimes in, try standing near the valves. Enable/disable a zone with the app. and listen for the solenoids to ‘click’. This helped me when I had a problem as it made me realize the unit was working but I had an issue where the main water inlet had been turned to OFF and not turned back ON.

This sounds like the common wire is not making good contact. Can post pics of your wiring.

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Here is my Wiring … I split the Commons up…
But it started working when I removed the Red and Black R1 and R2

Well, something is ill with your sensor, what type is it?

I’m gonna go out on limb and suggest that your rain sensor should be in between the common wire, but won’t know until you post its make.

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I purchased the home about 30 days ago and reaching out via email to the previous owner to find out about the sensor. We been in contact… I’m running it now without having the Rain Sensor hooked in. In Florida, I want the grass to get water before tomorrow’s blazing sunrise.

I’ll play again with the wires tomorrow night and let you know the results of your suggestion. Appreciate your assistance


On mine, the rain sensor is wired to R1 and C (16 zone Gen 2).

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