Stopped watering

My pressurized irrigation was shut off by the city at the middle of this month. Since then, Rachio has not watered at all. Any way for it to detect that and water anyway? It is only software running on specialized embedded system, so it seems like it should. Thoughts?

I wish this was April 1st as I am not being serious at all, definitely being facetious. Hoping you all have a good day and are smiling.


If you connect your irrigation system to your shower/bathtub drain, and change your watering schedule to match when you shower/bathe your landscape will get watered and fertilized at the same time, with the addition of very efficient water recycling. I have to take longer showers however.

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As your drains are not pressurized you will have to collect this water in a tank and pump it back to your irrigation system, matching pressure and flow rate. Some filtration may be required depending on grey water properties.

Already on soaps & shampoos that should not harm the lawn

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