Stopped schedule restarted

Last night, my schedule started as usual. After the first zone completed and a couple of minutes after the second zone started, I manually stopped the schedule as we were camping out in the backyard and did not want to have the sprinklers running on the tent. For some reason, after the second zone would have stopped, the third zone started up on its own. Of course, the sprinklers on the tent woke me up and I manually stopped the schedule again. I checked the history and it shows what I am trying to describe. The schedule did not start itself again according to the history. I have stopped a schedule before without this strange behavior.

Same thing happened last night (still camping out) with the exception that it showed it started the schedule. Maybe manually stopping a running schedule does not skip the schedule . . . rather, it finds it can still run the schedule, so it does??? This does not seem like the right behavior to me.

It is very nice that zones be rearranged within a schedule. It would ALSO be nice if I could rearrange and be able to decide to skip the zones during a Quick Run or during a running schedule. Of course, this would be the zones that have not started yet.