Still not clear on the calculations for rainfall amounts

I have emailed with support regarding this but did not get a clear explanation as to why you are doing this so I’ll try here. The weather station for my area states 1.03" of rain yesterday while Rachio reports 0.24". Support explained to me last time that Rachio is only reporting rainfall after a deduction for ET. I asked why this isn’t reported in the ET line but got no response. Any clearer explanation why you are deducting ET from the rainfall amounts in addition to the regular ET amounts? Or are you deducting for runoff or something? I know not 100% of the rain was absorbed but it seems like more than 1/4" The yard is again soaking wet when you walk through it yet the controller wants to water more. I have to manually put it into rain delay every time it rains for at least 2 days so the swamp dries out before more water is added. I find myself monitoring and controlling the IRO more than I did my previous dumb controller. I know there are a number of factors outside of Rachio’s control here but it is frustrating to see watering scheduled only 1 day after 1" of rain.

@njenslin Our weather provider is reporting .25in. (look for precip)

I will open a support ticket and have them determine where the precip discrepancy is.


I have Ticket #50364 already open I assume but didn’t hear any further from Kevin since the 1st.


I have opened a ticket with our weather provider, will relay their findings.

Hello Franz,

Thanks for contacting us today. I’m going to forward your ticket on to someone who will take a closer look at this issue.


AerisWeather Support


Ah, thanks. I misunderstood who you were opening a ticket with. Thanks for the help!