Status Not Always Correct

I’m having work done around my house, and need to make sure my back yard zone is not watered, and the other zones do not water in a way to interfere with the work. I’ve made additional manual waterings in the evening to try to keep the yard hydrated.

To prevent my normal Flex Daily schedule from occurring, I’ve used Skip to prevent the watering. But I’ve found the next day that it sometimes watered anyhow, even though the system indicated it wouldn’t.

So, I decided to Disable my Flex Daily schedule, which was to water today, to make sure it didn’t water this morning. I did this about 3 AM, with the schedule to start at 5 AM. While in some locations (Home?) it indicated it would not water, for each zone it listed the next watering time as 5 AM plus the time for the previously watered zones. In other words, despite the schedule being disabled, it told me it would water them this morning.

Well, it didn’t water, apparently, by checking the history. But this incorrect information was confusing and alarming. Just during the process this morning of trying to make sure it was right, before disabling it, the moisture changed multiple times. Rachio really needs to do more to make sure that all readings visible have been updated properly after making changes. Otherwise, it is extremely confusing and makes choosing settings even harder, because the results of those changes are not always shown.


I agree with you 110%!!! I’ve had some of these same issues! And both you and I are pretty familiar with the system and the UI. It’s no wonder that newbies (and even NOT newbies) get confused!

@dane is this something that is being looked at?

@Linn and @rraisley Can you confirm the smartphone you’re using (iOS or Android) to help determine if this issue is isolated to a specific platform?

I use an iPhone, an iPad and the web interface. I know to always refresh the app/web interface before looking at the overview screen/page. And I have the problem on all three platforms. (IPhone and iPad are at IOS 14.5.1 and Rachio apps are current.). Web interface is Google Chrome on a Mac.

Thank you @Linn I’ll submit a ticket to our Engineering team.

I’m also finding there is quite a lot of inconsistency between various screens of an android app (history, zone info’s prev/next watering, home screen schedules) and the web app. This is more pronounced immediately after making a change with most inconsistencies going away with time as long as there are no more changes.

Android version 10, One UI version 2.5.