Stations running too frequently, chat window problem, and a couple other issues

Hi, turned my Gen 2 on for the season, and have a couple questions.

  1. Tried to do a chat with Rachio support…window opened with no text, and I can’t get rid of it, even signing out and signing back in. ???

  2. Had to do some repairs to heads, and did quick runs of the two stations, which are now out of sync with the rest of the (8-station system) stations. Should I just fill them?

  3. Using my PWS, not intelligence, via Wunderground. This week seems like the runs are much too frequent compared to years past, esp. with the milder weather we’ve been having in Austin. Again, should I just fill all the stations and let the system go from there? Using Flex Daily Schedule.

  4. Any point in using Aeris? In the past the Wunderground PWS info was pretty accurate on watering frequency.

Thanks in advance!!!

If they are out of sync, and you want them to be back in sync, I usually error on the side of overwatering the grass, and would empty all the zones and let it “rebuild” the moisture level in the system.

As for the frequency…not knowing anything about your settings or what you are seeing as “much to frequent” it’s hard to know.

IMHO, out of sync is good; it means you won’t have to water all the stations on the same day. Unless they’re identical, they tend to get out of sync anyhow.

Except for your PWS’s rainfall, weather intelligence average weather for your area is used. If your system has overwatered, you could considering filling the stations and continuing. It’s hard to get right when starting up, as previous rain and moisture levels are unknown. Over time, using Flex Daily, it should end up the same as last year.

If they are multiple zones in the same grass area, I think it is best to keep them in sync. With sprinkler overlap, out of sync watering will make those overlapping zones water similar to short intervals more frequently, which is the opposite of what Rachio wants to do, and not good for your grass.

If the zones are in totally separate yard areas, by all means, keep them out of sync!

Okay, thanks for the advice. I was unaware the system doesn’t use all the data from the PWS.

Given how much rain and water we’ve had in the last week, I think I’ll go with “fill” and let the system rebuild its “knowledge.”