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Disappointed to see this thread, and realize that the Gen 2 that I bought today does not allow a station delay feature. After the research that I did on this product with many of its cutting edge features, I’m extremely surprised to learn that such a basic feature is still not offered by Rachio. With my well, not having this feature is simply not an option… Back to Home Depot for me, to take back this Gen 2 and find a “smart” controller that offers this, or I reinstall my 10 year old Rainbird.

I’m sorry that the Rachio won’t work for you. It’s a feature we’d love to offer, but I don’t have a timeline on when it will be released. We definitely hear you.

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Is there any time line for this delay? This is a feature I need to have. I have low water and need to have a 20 delay between zones or I will have no water.

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I have the same problem. Paid of $200 on the Gen 2 and there is not a feature to be able have time delays between stations off and next station on.
Very disappointed because I spend $200 for nothing. Rachio does not work!

Hi @PJB!

I am concerned that you are actually running into a wiring issue… Are your stations currently running simultaneously? Do you mind sending me a photo of your wiring so we can compare the photos to your controller logs and make sure everything is functioning correctly?

McKynzee :rachio:

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@PJB, looks like this might be your Amazon review related to this issue. Our controller is designed to only allow ONE zone to run at a time (this is how a normal irrigation controller works). Running multiple zones at once is usually not possible due water-pressure limitations; which as you mention in your review (below), results in low water pressure.

As with any standard irrigation controller, you can wire multiple solenoids/valves to the same zone output if you want. Although we recommend 1 solenoid/valve per zone for scheduling purposes, the Gen2 controller will support up to two solenoids/valves per zone, plus a master valve, for a total of three solenoids at any given time.

The feature mentioned in this thread is related to pump delay in which a fixed time duration is programmed between zones so that the pump can refill. From the language used in your Amazon review (Without the delay feature each zone will not shut off completely when the next zone starts, what does this mean, multiple zones watering at the same time at very low water pressure, wasting all this water that everyone should be saving.), I believe you’re experiencing a wiring issue, unrelated to the controller’s scheduling.

I reviewed your controller’s logs and it appears you’ve been watering since 3/1/17, but do not have any active schedules. I will send you an email via support with a copy of the logs. Feel free to schedule a call with me at your convenience via this link to troubleshoot your wiring.


Hello McKynzee,
See attached 2 pictures and link below of my issue.

What zone was ON when the video began and what zone turned on during the video (to give context to the wires)?
If you run one zone (the one that was on when the video started) for one minute, how long until the water stops flowing (what is the overshoot without the second zone turning on)?

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P.S. The link in the message contains a video, add “.mov” extension to view it.


In any case I have a hunch that leftmost cable (sort of beige looking) is improperly connected to C terminal, try moving it to station 8. You have 8 stations right? not 7.

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