Start watering later on weekends?

Hi -

The pipes for the sprinkler system run through the wall of our master bedroom, and they’re kind of noisy. I’d love to push the watering time back an hour or two on weekends so I can sleep in. I’m wondering if I can use the rain delay function in the API? IFTTT will let me delay by an integer number of days, but it looks like the API will let me delay by an arbitrary number of seconds.

I think I can cobble together a Python script on a Raspberry Pi to make the necessary calls. A few questions:

  • I assume the delay starts immediately after the call?
  • If I request, say, a 2 hour delay 30 minutes before the scheduled watering time, I assume the watering will proceed as usual, but 90 minutes later?





Couple things…

We have a feature in the app called ‘Minimize Water Hammer’ (Advanced device settings). This will keep the previous running zone valve open for 10 seconds while allowing the next zone valve to open. In a lot of cases this can cut down on the loud hammering noise you hear between zone runs. But it sounds like the real problem is just the water running in general.


Rain delay in the sense you want to use it won’t work. If rain delay is set, and a schedule should run, rain delay will effectively skip that schedule.

The path to least resistance might just to create a couple of watering times, one for during the week and one for the weekend with different start times.

Hope you can find another use case for the API, love to hear people doing mashups.

Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback. Thanks!

Hi @geoff

Just a quick follow up to Franz post, here’s a quick step by step guide on how to setup additional watering times:

If you need any help setting these up, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at

Best, Emil

Bummer about the rain delay. I guess you’d have to have support in the API for editing schedules, and that doesn’t sound like a common use case.

The water hammer minimization setting makes a big difference, so that’s great to know about.

Will check out setting up an alternate schedule. Thanks, guys!