Start times specific to zone

Alright so I know this is picky, but hear me out. Given that watering is best done in the mornings, and starting early ends early, I want to explore having zone specific start times in flex. If my drip lines need watering, I don’t mind them starting while I am in the shower, but if my rotors fire, it’s not pretty for pressure in the rest of the house. It doesn’t matter for WAN, since the whole system goes start to finish and I can design the start to avoid waking and shower time for big flow zones, but in flex, what goes when is variable, with only one start time.

@obmd1, You could break up your zones into a couple of different flex schedules. Look at what the durations are going to be if everything watered in that schedule. Setup one to run before your shower, and one afterwards. You could run the drip in between if you so desired. Just make sure you don’t have any drip zones in your grass schedule, as smart cycle won’t work if you do.

A fantastic idea. Thanks!