Standardize/Correct Terminology

There are a couple inconsistencies, I believe, in the naming convention used within the program and on the web site, which can lead to some confusion. One, I think is downright named improperly. I’m proposing that all terminology be consistent, and further, that the abbreviation for each be shown as well, as I’ve seen varying descriptors being used for Crop Coefficient, etc. Most, maybe all, of these apply to Advanced, but still:

Soil available water capacity (AWC), also called Available Water on Advanced screens.

Management allowed depletion (MAD), also called Allowed Depletion on Advanced screens.

Crop root zone depth (RZD), also called Root Depth on the Advanced screens.

Crop coefficient is used rather consistently, but no standard abbreviation. I’ve seen Kc and CC.

Efficiency (abrev?) does not indicate the efficiency of what, but it turns out to be a rating of how evenly a given zone is watered during irrigation. Many think it’s how much of the irrigation water gets to the grass. It does, as you indicate, depend somewhat on the type of sprinkler head. But in fact it is much more determined by how the heads are spaced and adjusted within the zone. For example, my one zone with Fixed Spray heads, which should be more efficient that Rotor heads, is my lowest efficiency zone, because a narrow rectangular area has spray heads on one side only.

Nozzle Inches Per Hour (abrev?), which I’ve seen called Flow Ratet, etc. IMHO this one is really mis-named. It has nothing to do with any given nozzle, manufacturer or model, as many would want it specified as. What it is, is the average inches water applied to a zone during a one your period. Pretty accurately found by a calculation using the zone’s area, and the gpm of water applied in a given time period. Or using catch cups, although IMHO less accurately. I’ve found the default values within the program to be useless. And yet it is probably the most important value to know, and the hardest to know accurately. Anyhow, terminology-wise, perhaps Irrigation Inches per Hour?

I know these are niggles with what I consider a good program. But if people are going to understand terms and use them during discussions here and elsewhere, it’s best if they are Consistent, Understandable and have an Abbreviation.

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If you do a search on Goole for “scheduling multiplier” this seems to be a common irrigation term.

Noted. And deleted from the above. Thanks.

@rraisley I’ve relayed this to the product team, thanks for keeping us honest!



Concerning the term Nozzle Inches Per Hour, I have found the term Precipitation Rate (PR) widely used in describing this value, so it may be the standard.

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