Sprinklers zones skipped with no notice and Climate Skip

Hi, I noticed this morning that several of my zones that were originally scheduled to run overnight did not run after all. I didn’t receive a notification that they would be skipped and the history in the app even shows the controller expected the zones to run an hour before the scheduled start time. Is there a reason why it would be skipped even though everything seems to point to the zones being scheduled to run?

Also, I received a notification last night that one of my zones (Water Fruit Trees) will be skipped because of Climate skip. This was a new feature to me so I went and read the article on it. The article seemed to suggest that a zone will be analyzed for climate skip an hour before running. But my fruit tree wasn’t scheduled to run until tonight so I am confused why I received a Climate Skip notification last night.



If you PM me (click on my name --> Message) your username I can have the development team do a quick review.