Sprinklers won’t turn on Rachio gen 2

My sprinklers are not turning on, i used them yesterday to do a quick run and did ran but later in the evening were not working, today the scheduled to run and it said on the they did but again did not turn on and i have power off and on reconnect to wifi and still nothing on a rachio gen 2

More often than not it’s a wiring issue at the valves — e.g., loose wire connections that just needed a shake to break contact upon valve use or the irrigation box flooding. Or an accidental wire breakage. Or wire not quite inserted well enough into the controller. Check that stuff and then let the community know. Good to rule out the easy things first, if you already have not.

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I have disconnected and dismount everything and put it back together and still nothing

Dumb question, but you do have the correct zones set up to run right? You have all your zones set up on 9-12, and not 1-4…

Wire won’t go farther than that and it have been working fine for 8plus month until Saturday