Sprinklers not working

Good morning

Up until yesterday, the Rachio Gen 2 was working great.

Yesterday, while I was mapping out the intersection of where I am putting landscape timbers (used rebar and twine to map it), the rebar went through one of the irrigation pipes.

We turned off the water to the house, dug up the area around the damaged pipe and saw there were three pipes together. Knowing my limitations, we decided to call a plumber to fix it. Normally, one pipe would have been a non-issue for me to fix, but with three of them right on top of each other, with no give, I didn’t want to damage the other two.

The plumber was in and out in 10 minutes. We turned the water back on but when the scheduled watering time started this morning, none of the five zones worked.

I have reset the controller (unplugged it for 30 - 45 seconds) and watched all four lights light up properly. I have connected the controller with my app and all looks good there. I just have no functioning zone. I have tried all five, both from the app and manually from the controller.

Not sure what you can do to help, if anything.



@moorejh143, sorry to hear about your recent repairs. Did the plumber test the system after making the repair? Do you know if the line damaged was black poly or white PVC? If PVC, the glue for the splice usually needs 24 hours to set before it should be pressurized – perhaps the plumber has the water turned off at the backflow and will be coming back to turn it on?

Do you happen to know where any of the valve boxes are in the yard? If so, you can manually twist the solenoid on the valve to see if the water is on to the zone.

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Good Morning

No, the plumber did not test the system when he was finished. I didn’t ask him to. The line that was damages was the main line (White PVC).

The system is working. I was emailing back and forth with Jeremy (Rachio Support) yesterday and one of his comments sparked a thought. Where the break was is about 10 feet from the back-flow preventer and where the valve box is. The first thing I thought to do was to go into the box and manually turn off the zones, but the box was so full of dirt, I didnt have time to clean it out. What I forgot I did was throw the valve on the back-flow preventer.

When I got home yesterday, that was the first thing I did - check the valve. I turned it back on and all zone are working now. The best thing about this - by the time I got home, it was about 24 hours since the plumber left, so the glue had plenty of time to 'cure".

Thanks for the feedback and please know that all is good now.


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@moorejh143, great to hear! That’s a common oversight.