Sprinkler guys only did half the job before the deep freeze

And I’m wondering if I can use the Rachio with the Hunter control unit they installed. Not sure where the wires would go into the Rachio. I actually just learned about this sprinkler controller yesterday and I’m excited to get one!

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@Avia1 - The Rachio can REPLACE the Hunter control unit - it doesn’t work with. If the wiring was finished it would be easy to instruct which wire from the Hunter goes to which port on the Rachio. From the picture, there are two cut wires left on the Hunter, a potential missing common wire (see where the white wire in the wire nut is connected) and the wires that are hand held. If it is known where those wires go, no problem. It might be better for the sprinkler guys to finish and then swap or see if the sprinkler guys can install a Rachio instead of the Hunter.


I’d love to be there when @Avia1 asks that question to see the look on their face when he shows/asks them to set that up.

@Avia1 Welcome to the neighborhood!

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