Split Zone

Recently moved to a new house and have a total of 3 zones. 1 stand alone in the front yard, a 2nd zone in the front yard and the backyard and a 3rd zone in the back yard. Not sure why the previous owner create a shared zone in the front and back yard.

Anyway to change so I have 4 zones. 2 in the front and 2 in the back? is this a wiring issue only?

Thanks for the water guidance.


Do you know if you have 4 valves? If you do, it’s much closer to a wiring problem.

If you only have 3, you will have to install a fourth can find the pipe connecting back and front the cut it and cap both ends

Only 3 valves, but could I change the wiring around so zone 1 and 2 are wired together for the front yard and zone 3 is the backyard only? End solution would be only two zones. Front and Back?

If you only have three valves this can’t be solved by just wiring. The 2ND valve connects to pipes in both the back yard and front yard so whenever you run that valve both parts will be irrigated. You’ll have to do what @plainsane suggested above, add a whole new valve, cut and cap where the front and back connect, and connect the new valve to whichever side it will control.