Split Schedule, probably again

We’re in a drought, which probably is a common story. Our town has imposed watering restrictions, again a common story.

Our restrictions are that we can water on Thursday and Sunday from 6 PM until 10 AM. I asked for clarification from the city, since that time span covers parts of two days. They didn’t understand my concern. If I could start Wednesday evening at 6 and continue as late as 10AM on Thursday, that might be workable. However, they are adamant that you must only water on “your” day.

Leaving me with the question, is there a way to set up a schedule where I can tell Rachio that it is OK to water from midnight to 10 AM and from 6 PM to Midnight on Thursday and Sunday?

Or to tell Rachio that Thursday and Sunday are fine, just not between 10 AM and 6 PM?