Specialty "Spray Heads"

I use a control valve for keeping our pool water level filled. Currently there is no a category in your available listings for “extra” items other than typical irrigation nozzles, heads and such. It would be nice to have such a way to create specially named categories for basic water valve controls.

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In the zone you can set the precipitation rate of any “nozzle”. I have no idea what you would set that to for a pool fill though…

Yeah… so the idea I have is that there should be a way to select an additional “speciality” category other than the current list of nozzles, allowing for control of a water valve that isn’t used directly for irrigation. This selectable category would also allow for selecting whether it is subject to weather conditions or not.

Select any nozzle, and set the PR to whatever you feel is correct for your pool fill. The nozzle type is somewhat arbitrary now with the customized PR in the zone. I don’t know if there is a limit for GPH in the nozzle configuration.

What type of weather conditions are you wanting to avoid? If it is on its own schedule, you can set it to ignore wind, rain, and freeze skips. If you are trying to utilize a flex schedule, I’m not sure you can bypass the shifts…