South Carolina Monthly Flex Schedule

Howdy all,

New homeowner here. We recently had three irrigation zones installed.

Zone 1) Front yard w/ rotor heads
Zone 2) Rear yard w/ rotor heads
Zone 3) perimeter bushes w/ drip line

I admittedly don’t know enough about caring for a lawn yet to use Daily Flex so I went with Monthly Flex. After setting up the zones, the monthly flex schedule determined one day a week would be sufficient. It is going to run the zones as follows:

Zone 1) 44 minutes
Zone 2) 20 minutes
Zone 3) 30 minutes

I guarantee the Rachio is a lot smarter than me when it comes to this stuff but I just wanted to check with you all to make sure that sounds right for October in South Carolina.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for such a user-friendly product.

One day a week during October in South Carolina sounds reasonable. Monitor the landscape and weather. Right now I have my Rachio on standby mode because we have had a lot of rain in Oklahoma City. Have you tried using the advanced scheduling (soil type, slope, sun exposure, sprinkler type, etc) for the spray zones?

Thank you for your reply.

I did use the advanced settings to the best of my ability but I have no problem admitting this is my first home with a yard. A lot of these variables are foreign to me right now but I’m trying to learn as I go. Installing 24VAC solenoids and the Rachio was a fun experience in and of itself!

Sounds like a pretty good start, @gillbell! Welcome to team Rachio!

PS- I’m a Clemson grad, and I am admittedly a little jealous you are in SC during football season :wink:

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My entire family is Clemson but I’m the black sheep that went to Carolina. Life has been tough during football season the past few years!

Appreciate the kind welcome! Go Gamecocks!

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Gamecock? I’m deactivating your account.

(Just kidding :wink:)

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