Something just doesn't add up

I started using my controller yesterday (6/20).

I set each zone (3 Zones) for 10 minutes each to start at 3:00 AM and again another schedule at 5:00 AM for 10 minutes each.

This morning I work up and found it was running for 5 hours 20 minutes (till I manually ended it). Rachio had changed my watering time to 90 minutes per zone for each schedule… WTH??

I called support and the tech told me it is because I had Smart Cycle on. From the description Smart Cycle just cycles on and off to prevent run off.

Why in the world would it change my settings like that?

@ccwtech Smart cycle will help prevent run off, but will not increase your watering duration, just the total duration of the schedule. You can disable in your watering time if you do not want this feature.

Here is more information on the topic.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.


That’s what I thought. I finally got a hold of a more experienced tech and they told me that the previous tech had given me incorrect information. She looked at my water history and wasn’t sure why it changed but is going to look into it more and call me back.

@ccwtech, I reviewed your support ticket and account history. It appears there were two schedules running on Sunday morning, followed by a manual schedule which was stopped within a minute of starting it. The schedule that ran Wednesday morning appears to have ran as scheduled. Can you please confirm this for us? Hope you’re enjoying your Iro :smile:

Best, Emil

Yes, things are working better. A Rachio rep called back and was able to confirm that a ‘glitch’ in the software caused the problem but it’s now resolved.

Thank you for following up.