Some comments and suggestions

I’m in the midst of installing 3 Iros, so I thought I’d make give some feedback and suggestions as they come to me.

  1. How can I change the name of a device?

  2. Can I get a download of zone activity? I’d like to have a spreadsheet of how much water I’ve been putting on each zone.

  3. After I’ve started a zone on the remote and it’s in “manual run” state, the zone name goes away. It would be nice to see this along with the count down. Adding a pause/resume button above the Stop button would make it easy to swap nozzles, etc.

  4. My Android app keeps giving me a “sorry the app has stopped” error message. I restart it fine, but this happens typically once every 5-10 times I use it.

  5. Are there any overheating problems when putting the Iro in an Orbit Sprinkler box in full sun? What would I see if the box overheated?

  6. My water district has given me access to my water meter, an iPearl It holds 30 days historical flow data. This is a bit clumsy, in that I have to go out and plug in a PC and manually download the file, with a 5 min resolution on the historical data. I’m wondering how I might correlate this meter reading with my Iro’s activity? I’m installing a Dwyer meter which is what I was planning to use for my main metering. Anyway, I’m very interested in what happening with regard to flow metering…

In the app there is Device Settings under the picture of the Iro on the right. Touch that and the name is at the top of the screen to be changed.

I believe you can use IFTTT to export the data into a spreadsheet.

My app was doing this also until I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. I have a Samsung s5. I have had no problems after the reinstall.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice… it looks like the app update is working.

another glitch:

WHen I use Firefox on my Macbook air (latest of both OS and Firefox), I can’t start zones with the remote control. It lets me pull up the menu for zones, but when I click on the time to water, the box goes away. When I do the operation under Chrome, it works fine.

Also, when I start the zone, the zone name goes away, replaced with just the word “manual” - so it is hard to know what zone I’m running. And, since I have multiple controllers, it would be nice to see the controller name on the screen, as well.