Solved - Manual precipitation input

As the rain season locally started first time since I’ve installed my Rachio, I’ve noticed that Rachio will delay watering when the forecast includes the right amount of rain, however, it will not affect the watering cycle when the rain stopped. I’ve researched the topic and noticed that there are two weather stations in my area that Rachio can use, and both forecast precipitation, but do not log the actual precipitation. Rachio then, thinks no rain fell and continue watering as usual. I then see my lawn being watered after 48 hours of non stop rain…

Is there a way to manually (or automatically) feed actual precipitation rates from other weather stations (not supported by Rachio’s source)?


@yaron - welcome to the Rachio community. If there are personal weather stations in your area that do report actual precipitation, but are only on Weather Underground ( (which Rachio doesn’t use - yet) one can use the (use the beta version - Wufyi status update) service built and provided by community member @Gene to port Weather Underground station data over to PWSweather which Rachio reads from.

If there is a good site at your location one can also install and use their own weather station - again it will need to report to PWSweather directly or through wufyi for Rachio to be able to use the data.

If one is using “flex daily” schedules then one can go in manually on each zone and adjust the field water table to account for the rain.

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That is really odd. How far are you from a NOAA station? I am 2 miles from a NOAA station and it always records precipitation.

@DLane Thanks! It worked like a charm. I have a personal station just half a mile from my place. I’ve used the beta version and it works great!

@robertokc unfortunately, I don’t have one that is close enough to my place. The closest supported station that records precipitation is 30 miles away.

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I am in Oklahoma. Tornado country. So we have many public weather stations.