Sold my Gen 1 too fast!

Ok so I have ordered gen 2. I have not received it yet. I have already sold my gen 1. I would like to save my settings but not delay shipping to the person who has purchased the gen 1.
So, can I ship this Gen 1 then delete it from my account later? If I do this would it prevent the new owner from setting it up?

In order for the other person to install your Gen 1, you will need to delete it from your account. We do that for security.

You could ship it and delete it once you have set up and copied your settings to your new Gen 2 (congrats and thanks!).

Alternatively, you could ship now it as long as you both understand that the recipient won’t be able to install the Gen 1 until you’ve removed it from your account.


Thanks for the reply.
Just so I’m clear. The device itself does not need to be powered up or online for me to delete it from my account.

That is correct. It does not need to be connected or powered up to be deleted from an account.

Oh, the wonders of cloud storage. :wink: