Soil Type?


When the builder built the houses in our housing development, they scraped away all the loam, leaving us with clay. Before I sodded my yard, I had a couple of inches of loam put down, based on this, what should I use for soil type. I’m currently using Clay Loam, but it’s really about 2" of loam, with the rest clay. Should I leave it as “Clay Loam”, or should I pick a different setting?

If you have clay only 2" down, then you’ll want to water as if it’s all clay. You’ll want roots growing further down than just 2", so it might as well be watered that way… perhaps set it as clay and then adjust the AW very slightly to accomodate some of the top soil loam.


Thanks @Modawg2k!

This problem is so common around the country. You should set your soil type as clay. Amend your flower beds with compost and eventually things will get better. Aerate your lawn once a year to promote root growth and allow more oxygen into the soil.