Soil Sensor Connectivity

Just got my first Rachio the other week and am kind of bummed it’s been raining so much here in KC!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m definitely getting with the program and am looking to hook up soil sensors when they come out. First will be a rain/temperature gauge from Netatmo. Can’t wait and looking forward to 2.0!

I was reading this topic as I am also interested in the soil sensors.
There is a comment that Iro does not support a physical soil sensors although I found the following link showing a Toro connectivity?
So my expectation is that they do work together.
Could you please clarify?


HI @franz - I too, am very interested in the integration of soil sensors with IRO. I think we may have spoken about this last year. In my view, this would be the ideal means of determining irrigation needs based on the condition of the soil. I realize the focus has been on IRO 2.0. Has there been any more R&D on sensors in the market place or Rachio developing their own?

Someone in this thread mentioned their liking the Flower Power product. I own one and won’t buy another. It is good in concept however, the bluetooth means I need to be standing somewhere in reach to get any data from it or to update it. I also have had nothing but problems trying to get their firmware updated. They recognized an issue, updated the IOS software but the issue remains. I’ve essentially given up on the product.

I’ve been told this works just like a rain sensor, but for moisture, only allowing the system to run when the yard needs watering. @emil might be able to speak more regarding this.


No, too many other priorities. We have an extensive API if someone wanted to prototype the glue between the two worlds. I’m expecting this to be a Winter project if we build the integration.

Still no clear leader. Edyn is promising, but way too new, and no API yet. PlantLink might work, but we need to do some field studies to see if it is worth our effort.

We will not develop our own.


@franz - I appreciate the priorities and focus on 2.0. I’m surprised to hear that developing your own soil sensors or partnering with a company is not part of the product strategy or roadmap.

As IRO is touted as a product to help conserve water (and does), I would think a commitment to soil sensors would be a significant improvement to the mantra of the Rachio.

Am I wrong in assuming the benefits to direct sampling of soil in various zones?

We absolutely still have a commitment to soil sensors, but it has to make sense from a business perspective. I hope to fully realize the potential for next year.

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Edyn soon at Home Depot!

I’m interested in this product still, and looks like its going to be at Home Depot soon. I want them to connect with IFTTT. If they get a channel setup and include the correct triggers on their end, will I be able to trigger my zones with Iro if they support IFTTT?
Edyn at Home Depot

I’ve been following here, IMHO it could be some time before ready for prime time, fyi.


What are your thoughts about Ugmo? I see that you have to have a pro install it, but has anyone used it of have thoughts about it?

FYI I contacted Plant Link for the heck and since their sensors are the most reasonable I think. I was just trying to see what’s going on with them and if they are still up and running or what the deal was. Within 10 minutes I was shocked - they responded to my email. Here is the response:

Thank you for contacting us. PlantLink, as a product, and Oso Technologies, as a business, is very much alive and active. It is true, the company went through a rough financial period, like any new business does, but we think we are on a good track now. This year we are focusing on designing version 2 of the product (to be released early 2016) and putting more resources towards app development and integration with other platforms like SmartThings.

Anyway - just wanted to let you know in case anyone was interested. Thanks.

@jeremyshultz I’ve been working with the PlantLink folks and really like the cost and mesh network they have created. I think it could be the clear leader, but don’t know that yet.

Currently, they are the first sensor I want to integrate with. It comes down to resources and priority at this point.


Price is way better on this. If plant link was an effective solution I would buy a sensor for each zone at that price.

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Hi @dszymkun, thanks for reaching out. The Toro Soil Sensor simply measures the resistance in the soil and will override the common (same thing a rain sensor does) if the moisture level in the soil reaches saturation. Just like a rain sensor, you set the saturation level and the sensor gives a simple on/off command back to the controller.

For more information, please see the Toro Soil Sensor user guide.

Moisture sensors on the other hand, would transmit DATA back to the Iro to use in it’s decision making. Same as a rain gauge on a PWS, the data provided could be logged and used to make intelligence decisions (proactive)

Please do not confuse with rain and soil sensors that serve as a stand alone, site specific instrument that only interrupt the common wire and prevent the controller from operating (reactive).

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

I think the soil sensor support is more important than a rain sensor.
I read all this discussion, checked the links and I agree that PlantLink is the most interesting project. The sensors have reasonable price. If they make the version 2 with solar power and in smaller green case, they will rock.
Edyn looks very good with their solar power, but quite pricier.

I have a 16 sensor plantlink network going and love it. Since setting up I have not killed a plant yet! I have a couple sensor outside as well that are working flawlessly to send back data. Batteries last forever too. I have not had to replace one yet and the system has been in place for we’ll over a year. Even when the company was having difficulties in the past, they had excellent customer service. This is one of the things I love about them the most.

I look forward to future integration between iro and their sensors.


@Chudik, that would be a slick design! Perfect for outdoors use in your lawn and garden :smile:

@keoni8888, Any feedback on the reliably of the PlantLink sensors? I assume you’re using these all indoors? Or outdoors too?

It’s great to hear they stood behind their product through good times and bad. That’s a sign they’re in it to win it!

Curious here too, I have one at home in a plant, but IMHO profile is too high for a lawn mower, so that would be a problem.

Just wonder how well they would do in the elements, outside in regards to accuracy.


SoCal Water$mart has the following list of soil moisture sensors that quality for an $80 rebate:

  1. Acclima ACC-SEN-TDT, Digital TDT Sensor
  2. Baseline BL-5315B, S-100
  3. Decagon ECH2O EC-5
  4. Irrometer Watermark
  5. Rain Bird SMRT-Y08
  6. Toro 53812, EVO-SC, P/N PSS-KIT, Pss-SEN & PSS-KIT, EVO-WS, PSS-SEN, EVO-4ID, EVO-40D
  7. Ugmo ProHome PH100WS

Just an FYI, I don’t have a soil moisture sensor yet and have just started investigating.