Soil mosture check


In order to check if what Rachio thinks the soil moisture is, do you recommend checking with a device like ?

How do you guys check, besides not seeing your lawn is all dead? :slight_smile:


If you are talking lawn, I’ve always heard you should be able to push a flathead screwdriver at least 6" into the ground…

Yes, I’m talking lawn. But wouldn’t one those devices work as well? What seems interesting is that they give a moisture percentage, which is the same metric Rachio uses…

I have no experience with a probe like that. I guess you could try one out and be a guinea pig! I’d be curious to see how it does compare to Rachio…

I got one of these because it was on sale last week on amazon. I’ve not had time to do proper testing yet. There was another post in the last couple weeks that someone else had bought one and was going to test, but I can’t find that post.

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Whenever you have time to test, I’d be curious to know your results.


Did you ever get the moisture sensor?