Soil Moisture dropping off too fast?

Hello everyone…
Hoping someone can help. For some reason my soil moisture measure in each zone seems to go from 110% to 50% seemingly in half a day. A perfect example, it has literally rained and been cloudy every day week here in NY (long Island). Zones were reading 110% moisture yesterday. However this morning I saw a Rachio alert saying several zones watered last night. Of course is raining again this morning. So frustrating.
I have taken the time to try and get all the numbers for the advanced settings right… I am using Flex Daily. I did a soil analysis, (mason jar test) best guess loamy sand,. the jar is still settling out 2 weeks later. I did a water catch test and modified all the inches per hour based on results. Measured real root depth. even measured out the actual zone sizes…
I don’t know what I have wrong here that has the ratio off.
I am sure something in my rachio equation must be off, but not sure what else to do. I have uploaded a few pictures of my settings. I am hoping someone can shed some light for me. Thank you all in advance…

You might have sandy loam, not loamy sand. Try changing the soil type. That would increase the water content per inch of root zone. You have a root zone of 3", I would change that to 6" unless you have newly planted lawn and want to water more often. That would double the water capacity for the zone.

Hope that works for you.

Hi kris I’m in Long Island area just like jkb- said change your soil to sandy loam your available water should be 15-or 16 I have mine set at 15 the root depth should be 6 unless you have newly grass allowed depletion looks good also did you know what kind of sprinkler you have you might have to changed that ?? Start with one or two zones first with flex daily and put the rest of the zones on a fixed schedule and see how they behave.

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