Soil Moisture and water usage fails to update after irrigation event

Yesterday I turned back on a zone (#12) which was disabled for winter and first manually emptied it (it had initially showed 26%). Then manually ran it for 3 minutes to check out everything was ok. The rachio controller ran it for 96 minutes after an hour or so (presumably to make it 100%). However the soil moisture failed to update to 100%. Based on another post(Missing Irrigation Percentage), I assume that the irrigation event moisture was overridden by my manual emptying out since both happened on the same day.

However it also failed to update the total amount of water used. I have a flow meter, but because of the low water use of this zone, I had set this zone manually to 0.5gal/minute. The water usage currently shows 3 gallons. Which makes no sense since if it was calculating it for the 3 minutes (that I had manually run it for), the water usage should have been 1.5 gallons and if it was for the 96minutes, it should have shown 48 gallons. Something doesn’t compute and I’m a bit confused with what is going on.