Soil Moisture and Future Rain

This is my first time getting to see the Rachio work during rainy season as I purchased it last February. From my understanding, the system will not activate in the morning if rain is predicted at any point during the day (which is awesome).

Yesterday I had rain which raised the soil moisture to 110%. Naturally, overnight the soil moisture percentage dropped and when checked at about 4am it was approximately 77%. Now, at 9am I checked the moisture again and it’s back to 110% despite my weather station that the Rachio is reading showing 0" of rain. My guess is that it’s reading the rain prediction for today and raising the soil moisture prior to the rain.
Is this correct?

I live in FL so the rain can be unpredictable. We can expect a flood and only get 0.3". If that happens today, would the soil moisture correct itself or will it remain at 110%? Until tomorrow’s morning reading.

*I’m set to flex daily *

This threw me as well when I started out. The moisture level that gets displayed in the morning is what Rachio expects it to be by the end of the day. So yes, if rain is predicted, it’s including it in there. If you click on the “Soil Moisture”, it goes to the graph, and if you click on “more detail”, it pulls up a table that shows both the irrigation and precipitation amounts, so you can check the math if you want.