Soil moisture 0% still no water scheduled

Am based in Europe and am using rachio 3 since many years. I love the product. Recently we have redone the garden with different plants, lawns and trees. Using 8 different zones: all on flexi daily schedule.

I start to notice that the soil moisture isn’t right - it seems like this being calculated in night, not real time. Is this a batch process? During the night it changes value and shows different scheduling the next day.

At the moment i have several zones at 0% soil moisture - super warm here right now. In the irrigation - zone tab - Some zones are scheduled for watering in the next 24hrs while other zones (same soil, same plants) at 0% soil moisture aren’t scheduled for watering the next 2 wks. If i actually check the soil moisture zone details of the one 2 wks out; it shows that it will do a watering the next day but it just not showing this in the zone overview.

What is causing this?

Has anybody a solution?

If I recall correctly, there recently was a post with similar symptoms. Turned out to be some issue with weather reporting because Rachio was located in Canada. It took tech support to sort it out. So maybe check if weather data is correct and if it’s not, I’d recommend contacting tech support.

Thx for your suggestion.

The weather data is correct, but the “forecasted irrigation” is 22x higher than the last run while the Watering Duration hasn’t changed. So it assumes that it waters more. What probably means that the Watering Duration (20mins) is too low? I’ve increased the Duration to 1hr to see the effect.

But this is strange. I have a flow meter, so Rachio knows precisely how much water it used the last run. It calculates the soil moisture etc. If it needs or wants more water (depending on intelligent weather etc.), it should adopt the duration or schedule multiple runs. It doesn’t.

So if Watering Duration is wrong, all forecasted watering and schedule is incorrect.

Is the above hypothesis correct?