Sod and soil type

My current ones are: Warm season, Loam (although it should be sandy), Lost of Sun, Fix Spray Head, Flat, Area: varies over 3 zones from 300 to 900, Avail Water: 0.17, RD 9in, MAD 80%, CCC 73%. I haven’t really messed with the MAD, eff and CC

I’m thinking MAD and RD are the biggest differences, followed by the soil perhaps. I thought the MAD default was 50%, but you mention that you didn’t mess with it?

Sorry, I mistook the information looking at my app. MAD is 50%, Eff is 80%. Everything else is correct

did you manually adjust your RD to 6?

i did.

but you should attempt to measure your root depth. if you dont want to do this, you can set your mad to 50% and every other watering increase it 10%, if you grass never shows heat stress, its safe to say your roots are deeper than 6 inches.

im set to 6 inches because in clay, its hard to get lower than that, i do get to 8 in some areas thanx to trynexapacethyl.

Yeah, I think it came in as 10in. From reading on these forums I was under the impression that 4-6" was a more common root depth, but maybe that’s not the case for bermuda. I just found this article that says we should water bermuda to a depth of 8-10", so it sounds like you’re closer to the right answer.

Full article:

I changed mine back to 10", and now it wants to fire every 3 days for 30 mins (three 10 minute runs with 30 minute soaks in between)

The article above has another link to a Phoenix Watering Guide that I just found. I’ll be checking that out later.

I’ll stick with 10" for a bit then will try the @plainsane suggestion of tweaking MAD a bit to see if I can optimize a bit.


dude, bermuda is all over the place, there are countless factors that will determine root depth.

but, if you slowly work up your mad, this will cause the grass to burn maximum carbs to stretch the roots to reach water. but the water has to be there or the root will die back for self preservation.
but as @azdavidr said, standby on that, we are going to try that this season, i think.

Get a pro plugger and just check your depth…there is no way in hell here in ga that my neighbors roots are 8 inches. The for of my neighbors that have rachios were at 4 inches

Amazon says it only goes down to 6" ?

@plainsane Or maybe you have a way to use the pro plugger to go deeper than 6" ?

Dude I forgot about that, I cut my feet of and had my neighbor weld them a little higher up at 10 inch

I’ll send a pic tonight, those pedals are flimsy and I wanted them a little beefier.

Lucky you to have a neighbor that welds.

I suggest looking at some of the fact sheets from the Arizona Cooperative Extension Service about soil improvement for lawns. I am pretty sure the native soil there is lacking in organic content. Here in Oklahoma we always recommend a soil test before establishing a lawn. I lived in Scottsdale for a couple of years. My what a harsh climate. However, Bermuda looks great on the golf courses.

He could not match the finish but I don’t care

And yes I’m lucky…not only does he weld but he builds race cars for some road league so he has all great things at their machine shop…something of mine breaks, he scans it and mills it from billet aluminum.

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