So, the reason of water gallon usage is disappeared in V3


I am a Rachio Gen 2 user for about a year. Last year I loved the product and recommended it to many of my friends. This year I’m not so sure: the user data in gallons used and the bar chart presentation of this data has disappeared. Using a Rachio is all about managing water usage. I can’t believe you took away my usage data.

I hope you have some authority to fix this. The people I have communicated with at Rachio say they understand my issues but can’t do anything about it.

I’m not a power user or an integration specialist. I’m an ordinary user who went to Home Depot and bought your product and got a rebate that covered most of the cost. Usage data in minutes is meaningless to me and buying a Gen 3 with power sensor for $300 and hiring a plumber to install it, just to get the functionality I had last year, seems wrong.

I spoke to Kyle Pontis last week. He told me something about law suits due to accuracy. OK, but there must be a more creative solution out there. Some seem to think it is difficult to set up, but is that a reason to remove the functionality? (Setting it up is really as simple as using the water company’s water meter to set the flow rate for each zone. No cups, no complex formulas.)

Maybe you could let us use version 2 of the app while you are fixing version 3.

I appreciate Kyle taking the time to explain what he knew about this issue. He is a very pleasant and knowledgeable guy.


if lawsuits are the issue, seems like an appropriate, in-app disclaimer before displaying the gallons used would alleviate any risk.




Glad to see this should come back as its one of the few things I thought to be a nice thing over that of my WeatherTrak unit that I had to transition from. I’ve not really gotten to use my Rachio much because I just got the notice to change right as we were heading into winter. But I did go and measure zones carefully as I was interested to get that information as accurate as possible. Even have catch cup precip rates so yea like I say I was kinda looking forward to having that information. Its also one of the key elements that I was looking forward to having in the Nest integration email data.


Has this been resolved yet?
I am a new user and expected to see gallons used but so far have been unable to get it to display on the app (IOS) or the website.


Go to your Account Setting. In their will be Usage Units that you can set to either time or gallons.


Thanks for the help. Think / hope I sent a message to you thanking you.
My other comment… This should be an AND thing not an OR thing… Show both please. Also add the time it started and stoped… Multiple times if multiple runs…

Also… Add a feedback button on every page. No better way to improve the app then letting us comment on every page. TIA