Smart tech integration

I have a Nest I Q camera, and I’m looking for a way for you to partner with them to be able to have something where my nest camera identifies a heron around my pond and it will automatically turn on the sprinklers to deter the heron. I’m Hoping that something you two can partner with to make that feature come to fruition. Also have a ability for the camera detect an animal or person and make an audible tone through the camera. Possibly like a dog growling or alarm sound.

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Great suggestion, @Joshmg!! I think a lot of people would enjoy an integration like that. I’ll log it for the team to look into :slight_smile:

-Lo :rachio:

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I would love it for when I have an unruly neighbor come over :stuck_out_tongue:


This can probably already be done utilizing IFTTT. Set up an account and give it a shot. You can set lighting to kick on, so I don’t see why you couldn’t set your sprinkler to do the same…Only issue is, sprinklers will kick on any time it senses movement.