Smart Cycling in Flex Daily Schedule

I read that Smart Cycling is ignored for emitter systems. I turned on manual cycling (15/30 minutes), but I don’t see any indication that cycling is occurring. Is manual cycling also ignored for emitter based systems? Is there some other setting that allows cycling to be used?

I assume the reported watering time is only for the On portion of the cycle, so I would see a 30 minute watering time ending after 1 hour or so (water 15, soak 30, water 15).

Normally, drip & emitter systems provide water slow enough to not have to do a soak cycle. For example, a 1 GPH emitter runs an hour to produce a gallon, which is applying the water very slowly.

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If you really must have Smart Cycle, then choose a lawn-based sprinkler and adjust the in/hr (precipitation rate) to reflect your zone. But for drip, unless you’re using 4gph emitters and higher or have hard pan soils, smart cycle is usually not necessary.

Well, I am using 8 gph emitters for trees. It just seemed like a nice feature to use.

had read that Smart cycling would be ignored, but the post implied manual cycling would be done. So, are we saying drip systems will not use manual cycling either? I have specified Manual Cycling for all 5 zones, 15/30 minutes for the duty cycle.

If I use a lawn-based sprinkler, would I just specify the custom nozzle rate the same as I am currently doing with the emitters? Are any other parameters impacted?

Yes, but: Forgot that irrigation efficiency is affected by sprinkler/irrigation choice. Set to a lawn based sprinkler, adjust the nozzle rate, increase the irrigation efficiency to 90% or more, and cycle & soak should be available. I can’t confirm since my drip doesn’t need cycle and soak.