Smart Cycle

Is their a time minimum before a zone will cycle?

New user. Before the update my zones cycled. Installed just before the update. After update my local utility came and did a soil analysis and water audit so I changed my zone settings a bit and my soil type from loam to sandy loam.

After the update I recreated my flex monthly schedule with smart cycle on but the zones are no longer cycling? My water audit suggested I break my zones into 2 cycles.

Thanks! Great product! I know way more about sprinklers and soil type than I ever thought I would.


@enduser Welcome! I believe most of your questions should be answered by this support article.

Same here. Nice to take control of one’s irrigation though huh?


This is similar to another recent post, but you can force the cycles to be shorter by upping the slope specification on each zone. You can reference the table in the link azdavidr provided.

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Thank you for the quick replies! I think I may have figured out what was causing it from the link that @azdavidr shared. Looks like one of my zones was incorrectly set as a mister which from the link sounds like forces the schedule to not cycle.

Thanks I made the fix and I will see how it works out tomorrow. Appreciate the help.