Smart cycle not kicking in?

There is a type of soil called Caliche in the southwest deserts that is as hard as concrete and requires very short water times to allow what little saturation we do get to happen. The local water district recommends no more then 5 min per cycle for traditional fixed lawn spray heads. With my ‘dumb’ controler I used to run the same program 3 times with an hour between. I programed the Rachio to apply the full volume of water in one program, but I’d like smart cycle to kick in and it doesn’t seem to me.

I look at and set the zone to “Fixed Spray/Clay/Flat” but the zones are running for 24 min at a time.

I tried to define a custom nozzle with a much higher flow rate as a test, but that didn’t seem to change the schedule at all.

This was in today’s log… “Watering lawn - middle back - near wall for 24 minutes” running a spray head for 24 minutes is just going to make a massive puddle and lots of run off.

I have two controllers(di-front/back) in my account both appear to be ignoring smart cycle, but a 3rd(minnehaha) at another location seems to be fine with smart cycle.

Is there something I’m doing wrong that is preventing smart cycle from kicking in?

I just found this post and I think it might be my answer!

Am I correct that I can’t use different head types in the same program? I have some drip zones, and normal ‘grass’ zones on the same program. If that’s the issue - easy to put them in different schedules.

Yes, that is it :smile:

If you have any other questions just let us know.


YEP! I just added a separate schedule for drip zones and the grass zones are now working in smart cycle! really helps when you read the docs :smile:

We should make it more intuitive, or at least send a warning. I’ll forward this to the product team :wink: