Smart Cycle issues

I have hanging baskets that I would like to water for 4 minutes, soak for 7 minutes and then water for another 4 minutes. Whether I use smart cycle and soak or manual cycle and soak, the result is the same. It waters for 8 minutes with no soak cycle. I have the watering duration set for 8 minutes and the cycle for 4 minutes then soak for 7 minutes.
What am I doing wrong?

What do you have set up for emitter/nozzle type?

I have it set to bubbler.

If the PR you have set for those bumblers is less than what Rachio assumes needs a soak cycle, it will skip it.

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Thanks @tmcgahey. Smart/cycle does not run with anything drip/emitter.

Here is some more information on smart/cycle. If you do want it to run I would change the nozzle type and just set the precip rate on the zone to match the nozzle type you had previously chosen.


Thank you to both of you. I will try this once it stops raining here.:disappointed_relieved:

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