Smart Cycle and time run

I have Smart Cycle enabled on my lawn zones (5). If it takes 2 runs to complete one zone, why does the history show watering for each zone in consecutive minutes? Example: Zone 1 started at 6:12 and completed at 6:24.

That is showing when the first run in that zone’s cycle & soak ran. You should see that same Zone 1 appear again in your day’s history for the 2nd run.

For example, my history from this morning looks like this:

Zone 1 started @ 4:08am
Zone 2 started @ 4:17am
Zone 1 completed @ 4:17am

Zone 6 completed @ 5:03am
Zone1 started @ 5:19am

Make sense?

Yes, that does make sense. But my history doesn’t look like that even though I have Smart Cycle enabled for the grass zones. My history shows Zone 1 started 5:30, Zone 1 completed 5:43; Zone 2 started 5:43, completed 5:56 and so one through the remaining zones. All zones only show being run once.

It’s totally possible that you might have Smart Cycle turned on, but based on your slope, soil type and nozzle you might not need Smart Cycle. See

And look at "How long can a zone’s watering duration continue before it needs to get cycle soaked? " under the FAQs.

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