The system constantly waters when the app has told me a schedule will be skipped.

Usually it sends another notification in the middle of the night that says, “the weather has changed whole yard will not be skipped”, then it starts watering. 98% of the time it should not be changing its mind. I’ve gotten to the point on predicted rain skips just manually skipping to make sure it doesn’t water. But why do I need to do that? (Tempest also present on Rachio Account.)

Yesterday it told me in the afternoon that the cycle would be skipped due to soil saturation, then it watered anyway.

I walked the yard with an ice pick and checked soil moisture yesterday afternoon. I agreed there was still plenty of moisture.

So why did Rachio change its mind and waste 2242 gallons (Flume measured) of water?

Can you please expand on bit more on your conclusion of why Rachio should not be changing its mind?

Physically checking the soil moisture is a great way to confirm that your settings are correct in Rachio. I do the same thing. Just keep in mind that the software does not have any way to physically check the water like you did, so it can’t agree or disagree with you. If your physical confirmation is out of alignment with Rachio’s predictions, that’s usually an indicator that you need to adjust your settings.

Sure, the time before this where it told me there would be a weather skip because of predicted rain, then I got the “weather changed” notification just before start time, then it was literally raining hard before sunrise, and the physical rain sensor stopped the cycle. The original “cycle will be skipped” was the correct answer, but then just before start at 2am it decided it needed to water. But before it could finish it was shut down by heavy rain.

Last nights issue is clearly documented in my original post, see the image. Yesterday it told me it was going to skip because of its calculation of soil moisture, but then it watered anyway. I apparently needed to babysit and manually skip.

I’m not new to Rachio, my original controller was a series 1, I’ve upgraded to series 3 and bought a Tempest. Prior to the Tempest I had a different weather station connected to the account via a 3rd party that Rachio had to stop supporting because 3rd changed their API… that solution actually worked much better.

So the original question stands? Why must a babysit this supposedly intelligent machine?

Just to make sure I understand the series of events:

  • Rachio went into skip mode based on the amount of rain in the forecast
  • Rachio went into run mode based on a change in the amount of rain in the forecast (this is what you’re refering to as the controller “changing its mind”)
  • Rachio stopped watering early due to an input from the physical rain sensor on your property

Is that correct?

For the event prior to last night yes. I have no idea why Rachio would think the forecast changed tho. It clearly rained more than 1/2” between 5am and 10am.

Last nights event was based on soil moisture according to the notification yesterday afternoon, again I have no idea why it thinks that was significantly different 12 hours later.

I’ll have the engineering team review and determine if there is a defect in the skip logic. Thank you for documenting this.