Skip Future Water Schedule via Calendar

Trying to skip a few waterings that are in future so I can mow lawn. It is new sod and landscaper said to hold watering 2 days before mow. I plan to mow on Friday so I would like to hold all watering, twice daily, for Wednesday night, Thursday and Friday AM. Would think I could go to calendar in any day and say skip for that day, but looks like I can’t. Any suggestions. Seems this should be an easy request by Rachio.

We only support skipping the next immediate watering or putting the whole controller on a rain delay. I will provide your feedback to the product team.


@franz Methinks the scheduling feature could use some serious upgrades. I for one would like to have the ability to water on specific even days (we are allowed to water only on even days) like the weekend and one other day so that the watering is deep instead of watering 3-4x/week. I’m sure users would be happy to chime in with other suggestions.

I would also like to see this as an update one day. Having the ability to skip a scheduled run from the calendar for that future date would be beneficial. (BBQ or planned outdoor maintenance, etc.)